Housing Benefit funding boost 'not enough'

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The Government has pledged more money for housing benefit claimants who need extra support. 

But specialist property portal Dssmove.co.uk said the £165million will not fix the underlying problem.

A severe shortage of affordable accommodation is key.

Aki Ellahi, Director of Dssmove.co.uk said: "The government’s new funding is only a temporary measure.  I believe the plan behind it is to encourage tenants to look for cheaper accommodation, while the additional funding is awarded.

"At this stage, we don’t know how long the funding will be offered to tenants. Unfortunately, it remains a short term fix and it is heavily reliant on tenants finding cheaper accommodation.

"Another issue is the application for this funding - known as the Discretionary Housing Payment - is quite laborious and not easy, and many tenants will find process challenging and lengthy. Local councils won’t really push this.

"It will be more of a reaction by Councils to solve an immediate problem, as opposed to proactive action to alert tenants that it’s available. Tenants will only be able to find out about this if they visit their local council or call up and enquire about it."