Bedroom Tax: Education Secretary admits children need their own room despite hated policy BANNING them

Dozy Michael Gove has been ridiculed for dropping a Bedroom Tax clanger today.

The Education Secretary said for children to flourish it is crucial they have their own room - but it is BANNED under his Government’s hated tax.

Shadow Work Secretary Liam Byrne said: “Even Michael Gove now admits that the Bedroom Tax is a vicious policy that holds children back.

"This hated policy should be dropped.”

Tory Mr Gove made his astonishing cock-up when he defended fellow minister Nick Boles's decision to change planning laws in a bid to boost house building.

Mr Gove, who quoted novelist Virginia Woolf’s line about people needing “a room of one’s own”, said: “There are children, poor children, who do not have a room of their own in which to do their homework, in which to read, in which to fulfil their potential.

“Nick Boles’ planning reforms will make it easier for more homes of a larger size to be built.

"That’s why when people oppose these planning reforms I think they’re standing in the way of helping our children.”

His comment was mocked because the Bedroom Tax forces children to share a room.

All kids in a council or housing association home are expected to share until they are 10.

Siblings of the same sex are not allowed their own room until 16.

If these rules are broken, the family is classed as having a spare bedroom and their housing benefit is slashed.

Tenants lose 14% of the payment if they have a spare room and 25% if they have two or more.

Falling foul of the tax costs households an average of around £14 a week.