Council offers landlords cash incentives to house homeless families

Hounslow Council has launched a new incentive for landlords to help local families at risk of becoming homeless.

The scheme includes offering up to £1,000 for landlords to house tenants needing a home, and grants of up to £15,000 for improvement works.

The council is also offering deposit assistance and rent in advance to tenants with identified housing needs.

As more and more people are struggling with housing costs, the council is seeing a significant increase in the number of people contacting them for help with housing.

Cllr Steve Curran, cabinet member for housing, said: “Housing benefits cuts are pushing more people out of central London and into boroughs like Hounslow, which is making it harder for people to find homes they can afford in their local community.

“With affordable housing being in such short supply it’s becoming increasingly difficult for us to find suitable temporary accommodation for local people who are eligible for help, as rent levels are being pushed up.

“We don’t want to have to move people away from their families and friends, so we are doing everything we can to tackle the problem, and these incentives for local landlords should help us meet the demand we’re facing.

“We’re also working hard to try to prevent people becoming homeless in the first place, and will continue to do whatever we can to prevent local families form losing their homes.”

The council is looking for all sizes of property for their private sector leasing scheme, as well as bed and breakfast providers, particularly those with wheelchair adapted, family sized or self-contained accommodation.

The council can also provide free course spaces for Hounslow landlords who apply for the London Landlord Accreditation Scheme.