Labour promises more security for private tenants

Labour leader MP Ed Miliband has pledged to protect the rights of private renters as part of his party's 'One Nation' philosophy.

In a speech to the Fabian Society, Mr Miliband highlighted the potentially divisive rift between private renters and homeowners.

He committed to introducing more longer-term tenancies in an effort to provide security for renters.

He also promised a clampdown on rogue landlords by introducing a national landlords’ register and giving councils more power to take action against wrongdoing.

‘We cannot have two nations divided between those who own their own homes and those who rent,’ Mr Miliband said.

‘Most people who rent have responsible landlords and rental agencies. But there are too many rogue landlords and agencies either providing accommodation which is unfit or ripping off their tenants.

‘And too many families face the doubt of a two month notice period before being evicted. Imagine being a parent with kids settled in a local school and your family settled in your home for two, three, four years, facing that sort of uncertainty.’

The Labour leader further said he wanted to ‘end the confusing, inconsistent and opaque fees and charges regime’ applied to tenants in private rented accommodation.

The new policy commitment comes after repeated pledges by shadow housing minister Jack Dromey last year that a future Labour administration would clamp down on rogue practices among lettings agents.